Rebecca Clark, MSW   becky@aspergeralliance.org

Rebecca Clark, MSW


Becky Clark

-Executive director

Rebecca "Becky" Clark graduated from the University of Delaware in 2008 with a Baccalaureate in Human Services, Education and Public Policy and Minors in Disabilities Studies and Women's Studies. She obtained her Master's in Clinical Social Work with a concentration in Mental Health and research and clinical specialization on Autism Spectrum Disorders. Becky is employed as a Counselor for the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, where she initially identified the need to develop Asperger's Alliance given the number of young adults graduating from high school lacking social and employment readiness skills. Becky was one of the recipients of the 2015 Delaware Business Times DBT 40 Under 40 Awards.

Heather Mahaffey   Heather@aspergersalliance.org

Heather Mahaffey


Heather Mahaffey

-Treasure & Art Director

Heather Mahaffey is a lifelong multimedia artist. Her son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 2012. She and her family joined us that year and have remained active supporters of our group and mission. Heather's passion is art and sharing that passion comes second nature. Heather developed our "Art in Me" art therapy program and shares her talent as our Art Director and also serves as our program Treasure.

Michelle Schulte   Michelle@aspergersalliance.org

Michelle Schulte




Benjamina Mahaffey  Ben@aspergersalliance.org

Benjamina Mahaffey


Nate Donhowe  Nate@aspergersalliance.org

Nate Donhowe


Benjamin "Ben" Kraines   Benjamin@aspergersalliance.org

Benjamin "Ben" Kraines


Catherine Lin   Catherine@aspergersalliance.org

Catherine Lin


Mike mahaffey

-Social Science Leader (Middle School)

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-Chasing Social Leader

A longtime friend and roommate of Asperger’s Alliance founder Rebecca Clark, Michelle has been just as much of a friend to our young adults (with some of our more thrill-seeking participants relying on her to be their “roller coaster buddy”). Michelle obtained her Bachelors of Science in Human Sciences, Education and Public Policy from the University of Delaware with minors in Disabilities Studies and Women’s Studies. She has completed half her coursework towards her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work specializing in children and families. She works as a Family Crisis Therapist for the Division of Family Services, and also puts her experience in this field to use when communicating with our young adults. More recently, Michelle has taken charge of Asperger’s Alliance’s “Chasing Social” program, helping our members navigate challenging social situations.








-Peer Leader President (2017)
-Peer Outreach Coordinator

My name is Benjamin Angus Mahaffey, otherwise known as “Benjamina” to everyone at Asperger’s Alliance. I am 16-years-old and a junior in high school attending training tech school training for the electrical trades. I am in a relationship with a wonderful girl, Erin, who I met at this very group. I am the current Peer Leader President and I like to consider myself one of the more social kids at the group and I do my best to help other kids feel like they belong. Asperger’s Alliance has done wonders for my personality, maturity, and social skills. I have made so many friends here, including my best friends.  




Nate Donhowe

-Peer Leader Vice President (2017)
-Senior Correspondent

Hmm…where to begin with talking about myself…?

I went to college at the University of Delaware, where I graduated with a bachelor’s in English (completing the requirements for a degree in both professional writing and creative writing) and a minor in theatre performance. My passion is writing, especially fiction, but I enjoy pretty much any form of writing that I may end up doing (thus leading me to search for a job where I can put my writing skills to use). I also have an avid interest in gaming, Japanese entertainment, and other things typically associated with the “nerd” category.

I’ve been part of Asperger’s Alliance since I was a junior in high school. For a while, it was just another thing I was made to do, but over time the majority of my group-mates became some of my closest friends. I’ve grown significantly as a person thanks to my time with Asperger’s Alliance, and quite frankly, there’s virtually nothing that I would trade that time for.








Benjamin "Ben" Kraines

- Peer Relations Specialist

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Catherine Lin

- Peer Leader Secretary
- Public Relations Assistant

I am currently a year 1 CLSC student at the University of Delaware.  I have been with Asperger’s Alliance for 4 years now. My goals for the future are: I like to get a job where I can do computer related clerical work. One of my long-term independent living goals is living on my own even though I’m scared and unprepared right now. One of the things I will be working on in the CLSC program is to develop life skills for independent living.