Asperger's Alliance Prom 2016

Summer is coming. The temperature heats up, the air grows humid, and the beaches beg for the touch of bare feet. So what does the colorful crew of Asperger’s Alliance do to beat the heat? They simply take to it in adding a luau theme to their second annual prom.

The evening of May 21st was when the festivities took place. Hawaiian decorations lined the gym of Glasgow Church, featuring everything from inflatable palm trees to a limbo pole to a little friend named Tiki Bob. Once the Asperger’s Alliance members took the floor, it didn’t matter whether or not they brought dates; literally everyone jumped in to have a good time (including the DJs), and the partygoers even bore witness to a special rap number from group member Justin Meadows.

Unfortunately, all good times must come to an end, and the decorations (Tiki Bob included) must be put away for later. But more good times will come, and the theme of next year’s prom promises to be another wild experience

Nate Donhowe

Senior Writer

Aspergers Alliance