Asperger's Alliance Sea Glass Vision

Our Story...Our Vision

The puzzle piece is traditionally synonymous with Autism Spectrum Disorders and while we like many continue to search for answers; the Sea Glass symbolizes the vision of Asperger's Alliance.

Sea Glass is made when unwanted bottles or glassware are tossed into the sea, much in the same way society casts aside those who are different and value is not understood.

The glass shatters once engulfed by the waves and thrown against the rocks. The journey the glass must take is much like the transformation that happens to our teenagers and young adults.

Often group members come to us disheartened, bruised, and broken from being thrown against life's rocks. However, like the sea glass becoming frosted with patterns evident of its journey, over time our participants begin to find their identities and special talents begin to surface. Our vision is that create an environment where our participants and their families experience belonging, experience the same successes as their same-aged peers, and build the confidence to achieve their goals.

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