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Beauty and the Beast and Friendly's Ice Cream

  • Regal Cinnema 1100 Peoples Plaza Newark, DE, 19702 United States (map)

There is no argument that Beauty and the Beast is widely considered one of the best animated Disney features. Whether your a Belle and are kindhearted, a bookworm, and enjoy intellectual conversation, find yourself trying to find a balance like Gaston to chivalry and arrogance, relate more to the beasts struggle to his remembering his former life and opening himself to love, or enjoy the wild antics of the candlestick, the motherly instincts of teapot, or the play by the rule attitude of clock.

So take the night off and return to your childhood with your friends and end the night with ice cream at Friendly's.

7:40 Showing at Regal Cinema in People's Plaza. Please plan to pre-purchase your tickets and also to arrive no later than 7:20. Pick-up will be at 10:00 at the Friendly's in People's Plaza.