"Art in Me" focuses on getting creative ideas into the minds of our members and creative materials in their hands. It was formulated to inspire that there is a little artist in everyone and to promote personal expression without perceived ability or self proclaimed talent.


The Art in Me program was developed by Associate Director, Heather Mahaffey and implemented in early 2016. Art has been utilized in therapy for decades and even casual exposure is therapeutic.

Our Asperger's family often think along alternative lines and can even have anxiety towards a particular activity. The projects are presented and completed in a safe and relaxed environment and often member driven without critique or criticism from peers or leader. Individuality and personal growth are encouraged.


Our participants have visited still life painting, beginning pottery, mask making and utilizing recycled materials in art. Whereas some crafts are involved and often the line is blurred between the two, the focus is on art and self-expression.


Art in Me sessions are held during both the fall and spring. Members may drop-in during any session or participate in any of our upcoming Art in Me community events. One of the goals of Art in Me is to create awareness in the community by allowing our members to demonstrate their skills and share their talents with others.

We hope you will join us to nurture your inner artist!